Blue Lake Businesses-Thriving/Surviving

Laurie SextonUncategorized

Barbara & Michael Jewell have two businesses in Blue Lake. Along with their award winning Jewell Distillery products, they also have Lasso Security Cables. Here’s the update on how things are going:

“As of March 15, 2020 we closed our Tasting Room to the public, which ended our retail revenue and was a major impact to our cash flow. Michael developed hand sanitizer (based on the WHO formula) and we created a good amount of curbside sales for both sanitizer and Jewell spirits during the first couple of months. Our wholesale business through our distributor is up a bit due to increased sales with local retailers. We now offer bulk sanitizer for local businesses in 1 gallon and 5 gallon sizes.”

“Recreational boating was up this spring and summer- a great sport to enjoy on your own or socially distanced with friends. Our kayak cable locks sold well. And with so many people buying on line, Doggy Dare sales were also up, which is a retention system for keeping animals out of garbage cans. We also rely on purchase orders from Scandinavian countries.”