Tourist Itinerary

Visiting Blue Lake? Make sure you don’t miss these!
Kid's Playground

Perigot Park

Grab a lunch and enjoy the sunny skies of Blue Lake in Perigot Park. After lunch, check out the playground or play a game of bocce ball. View Map.



The Tot-Lot is a small toddler playground with a bench and picnic table. View Map.

Blue Lake Casino Hotel

Blue Lake Casino and Hotel

Do some gaming, catch live entertainment or enjoy a room in one of Humboldt’s premier luxury hotels. View Map.


The Indian Arrow Tree

The Indian arrow Tree is located approximately ½ mile uphill from the
historic lumber town of Korbel on the east edge of Maple Creek Road.  It is marked by a sign on the old redwood snag’s trunk.

It is said this tree commemorated a peace treaty and marked the territorial boundary between the pre-contact Wiyot living in the Blue Lake area and their Athabascan neighbors to the east, the Whilkut and the Chilula (“Redwood Creek Indians”).  When passing this place, a prayer was said and an offering made of a sharpened stick or sprig of redwood.  Sometime before 1913, the accumulated heap of these was maliciously set on fire, spreading up the tree as far as the arrow sticks went.



Dell’Arte offers student and professional performances year round and the Mad River Festival in the summer.  View Map.


The Logger Bar

A historic bar with 13 taps, a quarter pool table and a homey rustic atmosphere. Located in the heart of downtown Blue Lake. View Map.


Mad River Fish Hatchery

No tourist itinerary would be complete without the Mad River Hatchery. The hatchery property offers opportunities for birdwatching, fishing, picnicking and river viewing. View Map.

The Mad River

The Mad River

Cool off at one of the many swimming holes, sunbathe on the shore, or simply hike the trails along the riverbank.


Visit the Chumayo Spa

Relax with a massage, then enjoy the therapeutic flotation pool. Map.

Mad River Brewery

Mad River Brewery

Visit the tap room and outdoor beer garden. Enjoy live music and pub food. Map.

Wallace and Hinz

Wallace and Hinz Tour

Tour the Wallace and Hinz Bar Company. By appointment only. 10:00-4:30 weekdays. Some weekends. Map.

Bring Your Horse

Bring Your Horse

The newly remodeled Gymkhana Horse Arena is open for individual drop-in use. $50 annual fee. Map.

Hike a Trail

Take a Hike

Hike on one of Blue Lake’s many fantastic trails.

Roller Skate at Prasch Hall

Summer Hours beginning June 1: Fridays 6:30-9:30 pm and Sundays 2-5 pm. $5 all-ages admission includes skate rental. View Map.

Drop-in Basketball

Outdoor Basketball courts are open to the public next to tennis courts.  Drop-in Basketball:  Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9 p.m. at Prasch Hall in Perigot Park.

Bocce Ball

Bocce courts are located next to the playground in Perigot Park. You can check out Bocce balls for the weekend, free of charge.  Check out takes place at City Hall, Mondays – Fridays, 9a.m-12pm and 1pm-4pm. A valid ID is required. View Map.


Outdoor tennis courts are available at 210 Chartin Road. Please contact the office to reserve the court for tennis practice or lessons. View Map.