Jewell Distillery. Michael and Barbara Jewell, Proprietors

Passion, Abundance, a Gift, and Great Water Make for Excellent Spirits!

Jewell Distillery is the result of turning a hobby and passion into a business. In 2003 we moved to the mountains east of Blue Lake to live off the grid, and we embraced a lifestyle of self-sufficiency along with a love of sharing great food and tasty spirits with friends and family. A good friend gave us a vintage copper still that had last been used by his uncle during Prohibition, so as we  had an over-abundance of local Willow Creek fruit, we began experimenting with turning fruit into brandy. We sent a sample of our mountain spring water to be analyzed and discovered that its composition is ideal for blending our spirits in order to proof them down to our desired percentage of alcohol by volume.

We opened our distillery in Blue Lake in June of 2016.  The four year journey from idea to realization began with intensive reading and research, numerous distillery tours in the Pacific Northwest and Kentucky, participation in whiskey and brandy making classes, and attending the American Distillers Institute Conference.  The federal regulations, requirements and permitting process was an enormous undertaking, and we decided to hire a retired TTB agent to advise us on compliance with the federal government.

Our next step, one that took a lot of time and energy, was researching and locating the proper equipment necessary for the spirits we wanted to produce, and also affordable. Our final steps were securing our present location, building out the shop, working with our valuable consultant on recipe development, learning how to operate the still, and submitting our labels for approval.

Then we bottled out first product, Pacific Moonshine. We were excited and honored our Moonshine received a Silver Medal at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles in the Craft Spirits Competition in June 2016, and a Gold Medal at the San Diego County Fair Distilled Spirits Festival 2017!

With each batch we continue to perfect our Pacific Moonshine recipe, and we have introduced Pear Eau de Vie Brandy, Big Buddha Citron Spirit, and Jewell Gin. Big Buddha was released in June 2017.  It is a unique product made with citron fruits grown in California. Our gin, released in May of 2017, was awarded Best Gin at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles in 2017, and in 2018 it received a Gold Medal at the San Diego County Fair Distilled Spirits Festival.  

We are very happy to have located both of our businesses, Jewell Distillery and Lasso Security Cables, in Blue Lake, a relatively close commute from our home in the mountains. We appreciate the small town atmosphere with an actively involved community on the Mad River.

Jewell Distillery Tasting Room is open for tours, tasting and cocktails Saturday afternoon—and  throughout the week while we are working on location, but please call ahead before visiting Tuesday through Friday. We are also available for private parties and events.


Contact Information:

120 Monda Way Unit C, Blue Lake, CA

(Located one block beyond the Mad River Brewery down Taylor Way)

(707) 668-1810