Blue Lake Events “Zero Waste” Petition


Green Friendly Events

The Blue Lake Climate Action Group is asking people who live within the city limits to endorse and sign a petition to be put before the City Council early this autumn.  It will circulate at the various outdoor events  scheduled for this summer, such as Humboldt Folklife Festival, Annie and Mary Day,  the music festival held  at Perigot Park, and the various events put on by Dell’Arte.  The petition

“We the citizens of Blue Lake would like to propose a “zero waste” program to be instituted in our city at public events with 200 or more attendees expected.  Doing so would mitigate the problems of trash generation and collection by preventing unnecessary use of resources through careful planning beforehand, and by considering how materials generated during the event can be recycled, reused, or composted after the event.  To a great extent, creating such a program is a matter of planning;participant education (both attendees and vendors); use of compostable, recyclable, and regular garbage bins; volunteers trained to direct both attendees’ and vendors’ refuse to the allotted bins; and other issues to be considered, such as advertising, green product sourcing, and energy conservation.”

To sign this petition, contact Mariel Morison at the events or through email: