Business Spotlight: Margaret Kellerman

Margaret KellermanThe Blue Lake Chamber’s featured business this quarter is Blue Lake Studio and founder Margaret Kellerman. Margaret came to our attention as a result of her enthusiastic efforts to establish an Arts night in Blue Lake, similar to the successful art nights taking place in other towns and cities in the area.

Blue Lake Art night takes place the second Saturday of each month, and until more businesses get on board with the idea, will probably be a seasonal venture throughout the summer months.

We wanted to support Margaret and her studio, so we decided to check her out at the June Art night. What a beautiful welcome to even more lovely summer evenings in Blue Lake. The event was of course small as compared with other locales, but the energy was just as strong here as anywhere. Attendees relaxed and enjoyed themselves while looking at art, listening to the music duo playing on the country style front porch, or lounging on the sofa making lively discussion. All this while tasting some of Blue Lake’s own winery samples.

We wanted to know more about Margaret and her art so we asked her a few questions:

How long have you been creating art in Humboldt County?
I moved to Humboldt from the Portland area just two years ago and here I resumed my painting after a long hiatus.

What mediums do you prefer to work with?
I love doing acrylic on canvas because acrylic dries quickly. I also like that I use a palette knife rather than a paint brush because it allows me to give the paintings good texture.

When did you open Blue Lake Studio?
My first month in the studio was this past January. Once I was here in Blue Lake I started talking with people in the community and realizing Blue Lake was a town of many different artists, so I decided to start Art Night in February.

What drew you to open a studio in the city of Blue Lake?
A friend of mine brought me to the Blue Lake Music festival and that is was the first time I visited Blue Lake. I got a taste of Blue Lake at the festival and I liked the landscape, the village type atmosphere, and the gingerbread architecture of some of the houses. It felt like a good place to have a studio so I started looking around.

When not painting, what are some of your favorite pastimes?
Well, my black lab insists that I go to the beach each and every day. I also love photography which I use to make cards and prints to sell at my studio. I like having coffee with friends and talking about art, music and writing, and I started an art journal workshop here on the premises. It takes place every Thursday morning at 9:30 through the month of August. I’ll be teaching an oil class on the same subject this coming fall.

When did you first start painting?
I first started painting when I was about four years old, my mom brought out some finger paints and I couldn’t believe it was legal. I absolutely loved it.

What are your preferred subjects?
The ocean horizon, because it never gets old to me. All the moods of the ocean and the sky give different colors all of the time.

Who are some of your favorite painters?
Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet and lots of Humboldt artists.

What do you like most about the location of your studio?
What I love the most is that my studio is located in a building built in 1899 and it used to be a newspaper office. It was the Blue Lake Advocate Press, and the press is still here! I used to be a newspaper reporter, so it’s fun being in a newspaper place, and still be able to catch the vibe.

What do you envision the City of Blue Lake to be, say ten years from now?
I would love to see a hardware store here. When I visit an old town, to me it feels if there is a hardware store in the town, then that town is thriving. I would also like to see more restaurants and more working galleries where art is being made. Simply, I’d like to see more of what is already here. I’d like Blue Lake as a destination place.

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